About Alex Taylor

Alex was raised in a military family who called many different cities across Canada home, yet he chose Niagara as the place to put down roots and start his own family. For over two decades, he has worked at the local casino in various positions of responsibility to provide for his two growing children.

He worries about their future. He’s concerned about the massive debt that successive leaders – both federally and provincially – have incurred. He has seen firsthand how their policies have affected his fellow residents in Niagara.  

Factories have closed. Jobs have dried up. Taxes increase while services and our standard of living decline. Orchards in our acclaimed “fruit belt” have been cut down to make way for subdivisions. The fruit our local farmers grow is now processed offshore and sold back to us at a higher price.  

Will his children be able to afford food and shelter when they grow up?  

Will yours?  

Alex knows that electing a leader with the same old policies and practices will only yield the same old dismal results.That’s not good enough for him and his family. It’s time for a change.  

He believes that the silent majority of Canadians feel the same way. Forgotten. Fed up with the way our country is headed and with the false promises that politicians make to get elected. Tired of special interest groups subverting our Canadian values and way of life.  

That’s why he decided to become a candidate for Maxime Bernier’s newly formed People’s Party of Canada. Maxime supports the PPC’s principles of Integrity, Respect, Fairness and Responsibility. He believes in Mr. Bernier’s common-sense approach to the issues that matter most to Canadians.  

Alex hopes that he will have your vote on October 21, so we can win back the country we have loved but seem to have lost.  

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